Vortex flowmeters and flow computers. Measure the flow rates of a variety of fluids, including steam, air, and water.

Operating Pressure Range: 0 – 4.96 MPaG
Operating Temperature Range: -200 – 400 °C

EF73 for Boiler Steam Monitoring

Product Details

  • Compact flow computer
  • Combines signals from volumetric flow meters with those from pressure, temperature and density sensors.
  • Wide range of important variables can be calculated and displayed.
  • Vortex flowmeter for use on various fluids such as steam, water and air
  • Integrated temperature sensor, automatically corrects for mass flow rate
  • Equipped with an integrated indicator
  • Optionally measures steam dryness fraction (80-100%)

Always check the specification PDFs for the exact product specification available in your region.

Benefits and Features

Measures flow by means of the regular vortices (Karmen vortex) generated downstream of an object as fluid flows around the object.

Vortex flowmeters can be used to measure various fluids, such as liquids and gasses, and are particularly suitable for measuring steam.

Application Areas

Measures the flow of steam, condensate, water, etc.