Vacuumizer® – An innovative heating method that utilizes vacuum steam for heating under 100 °C, and an innovative cooling method that utilizes vacuum technology for cooling.

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Product Details


A system that offers vacuum steam heating using saturated steam under 100 ºC and using vacuum technology for cooling through evaporative cooling.


Vacuum steam heating system that packages together into one system a vacuum generation unit, a steam pressure control and a desuperheating unit.

Benefits and Features

Vacuum Steam Heating System

Steam heating below 100 ºC yields improved product quality and productivity.

– Uses saturated steam below atmospheric pressure as the heating source

– Heating by means of steam heat enables even heating of the equipment

– Steam is supplied precisely at the set temperature using desuperheat system

– Compared to heating with hot water, there is a great reduction in the time required for start-up and setting modifications

Steam systems requires less space than hot water systems.

Energy Conservation

– The latent heat in the steam is used for heating, thereby greatly increasing the amount of heat per unit and allowing for low-cost heating using small amounts of steam

Environmentally Friendly

– The buffer tank used for hot water systems, and which creates great clouds of vapor, is not used

Vacuum Vaporization Cooling System

This innovative cooling system utilizes the evaporative heat from the vaporization of water for cooling

Allows for even cooling.

Energy Conservation

– Utilizes less water for cooling than conventional cold water circulation systems

Vacuum Steam Heating and Cooling System

This system makes possible both heating and cooling using vacuum steam below 100 °C.

The system switches quickly between heating and cooling.

It combines the strengths of both a vacuum steam heating system and a vacuum vaporization cooling system.

Application Areas

Reactor kettles, polymerization kettles, concentration kettles, presses, heat exchangers, dryers, etc.