Presenting pressure reducing valves for steam and air. A wide assortment of models is available, including pilot operated models, direct-acting models and models with integral separators and steam traps.

Operating Pressure Range: -0.8 – 21 barg
Operating Temperature Range: 0 – 220 °C


  • COSPECT – Pressure Reducing Valves (With Built-in Separator and trap)
    Presenting pilot operated pressure reducing valves with built-in separator and trap, whose features result to supply dry steam or air with stable secondary pressure, improve product quality and/or heat efficiency. Local set or remote set types are available.

Benefits and Features

Control Valves for precisely controlling steam or air pressure. They provide the prescribed pressure even when flow rates fluctuate across the full operating range.

Selection can be easily made from among a wide assortment of models, including:

  • Compact Pilot operated with integral separator, pilot and main filters and steam trap – COSPECT
  • Pilot operated – COS Series
  • Direct-acting models and models – DR

Application Areas

For Steam

  • For the supply of dry steam with no entrained condensate at a stable pressure – Pressure reducing valves for steam process applications
  • To control pressure even from a location at a distance from the pressure reducing valve – Motorized pressure reducing valves for steam
  • For equipment such as compact steam heating equipment – Compact pressure reducing valves for steam
  • For steam transport lines, heaters, etc. – Multi-purpose pressure reducing valves for steam

For Air

  • For air piping, air-using facilities, etc. – Pressure reducing valves for air

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