Strainers, sight glasses, and non-freeze valves used in the steam trap periphery.

Operating Pressure Range: 0 – 2.1 MPaG
Operating Temperature Range: 0 – 250 °C




For removing dirt and scale from inside piping.

Sight Glasses

For visually monitoring the flow of fluids from the outside of the piping.

Automatic Non-freeze Valves

Automatic Non-freeze Valves

Used to prevent the freezing of residual condensate during shut-down.

Benefits and Features

Strainers, sight glasses, and a variety of other products ancillary to steam traps and other valves.

A line-up of sizes and materials convenient for use with steam systems

Optional automatic non-freeze valve or blow-off valve combined with the trap body (consult with TLV when placing order)

Sight glasses feature a PTFE (fluorine resin) gasket for easy disassembly and maintenance

Application Areas

Strainer: protects equipment by removing scale and foreign matter from steam traps, reducing valves, control valves, etc.

Sight glass: used to check flow status of fluids

Automatic non-freeze valve: protects steam traps from problems caused by frozen condensate

Blow-off valve: blows scale out of steam traps