All stainless steel filter with built-in cyclone separator efficiently removes condensate and impurities from the flow medium, resulting in no moisture droplets and a longer cleaning or replacement cycle.

Operating Pressure Range: 0 – 1 MPaG
Operating Temperature Range: 0 – 185 °C

Separator Filter Pamphlet
SF1 Separator Filter
Is Your Steam Quality Worse Than You Think?

Product Details



  • Separator filter for use on steam and other gasses (non-toxic, non-flammable).
  • Up to 98% condensate separation efficiency

Always check the specification PDFs for the exact product specification available in your region.

Benefits and Features

Extend Filter Maintenance Cycle

The cyclone separator separates out condensate and dirt, which greatly reduces clogging of the filter and lengthens the time between cleanings and parts’ replacement cycles.

Easy Cleaning

5-layer sintered wire mesh filter is reusable and easy to clean.

Eliminates Wet Spots

The cyclone separator separates out and removes the condensate, which allows for the supply of dry steam, so no wet spots occur.

Light-weight, Compact Design

All stainless steel, with a compact, light-weight design.

Application Areas

Equipment related to production in industries such as the food industry, the medical industry and the chemical industry, in which there is direct contact with live steam, such as in steam cleaning equipment and sterilizers.