Pipework Insulation
Valve Covers.

Steam & MTHW

At a time when energy costs are rising, companies must use proven energy saving technologies in order to remain efficient and more competitive.

The Invest NI SME Energy Grant Scheme offers
grants of 25% of the project cost, from £250 up to £5,000 for companies installing the above technologies:

ie £20k spend will attract £5000 grant,
£1k spend will attract £250 grant etc.

How it Works

The customer decides to install the technology :
Requests a quotation from the supplier
Forwards it to Invest NI with a completed application form
If successful Invest NI will inform them they may proceed with installation of the equipment
On completion, the project will be inspected and the grant paid 

Grant application forms are available at:http://www.investni.com/smeenergy.pdf