Digital Temperature Controller

Controllers that are used together with multi-control valves or general control valves. Particularly, the SC-F70 multi-purpose controller is designed for the multi-control valves of the MC series.


Multi-purpose Controller

Multi-purpose Controller

Multi-purpose controller with MC-COS control feature.

Digital Temperature Controller

Digital Temperature Controller

Compact controller specialized for temperature control.

Benefits and Features

Ensures Reliable Equipment Operation

Multi-purpose Controller SC-F70 employs TLV proprietary algorithms for MC series high precision control (active controller and actuator).

Free Voltage

Rated voltage free between 100 and 240V AC.

Application Areas

– For high precision control valves for steam or vacuum steam: Multi-purpose controller

– For storing the set value patterns in memory on any of the control valves: Programmable multi-purpose controller

– For multi-purpose control valves, etc: Multi-purpose controller, Programmable multi-purpose controller, Digital indicator controller.